"I would rather be underestimated, than over-saturated."

Check out Bay Area's Princess Ms. Krish, aka Rocky Rivera, Eye A. Sage, Government name Krishtine DeLeon. She is a writer for Rolling Stone, an MC, and a fellow Blogger. Her newest album "Rocky Rivera" is sure to be a hot one. Rocky Rivera (one of her many namesakes) comes from Jessica Hagedorn's book "The Gangster of Love" Ms. Krish says "Thematically it just made sense, I based an entire album on the concept: love, war, the rules, the casualties, the high points and the person - one who embraced the contradiction in being a warrior of love, and as a woman, ready to defend the battlefield that is her body and her personal integrity." I love one of her mottos and find it to be true for me “I would rather be underestimated, than over-saturated.” Confident, yet humble make sure to also check out her blog @ Guerilla Busfare

This is the video trailer to Mrshmlo

This is the actual video (I personally like the trailer better, but wait till the end on this one for the beat to slow down and her voice to shift, I dig it)

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