Manhã De Carnaval~

One of the most romantic movies ever, Gypsy Marpessa Dawn was a beauty! This song is so amazing.

Get Your Mind Right Monday~

The search for self-worth begins by finding what is indestructible inside, then letting it be. ~Prudence Kohl


TP makes my heart happy~

Theophilus London can always make me feel electric! There is just something about his music that takes me away to another place. Whoooooooo!

'I Want You'

'Hey Wonderful'

'Ooops' Tweet Cover

'A Strangers Heart'

Illustrator of the day~

Raphaël Vicenzi


Would you like an eargasm? Yes?! I thought so...

...when I saw you on the street, I just had to look away; you were so steez, lay back relax...street boy please wait a second it's going to take a while.


"coincidence makes sense only with you. you don't have to speak, i feel emotional landscapes. they puzzle me..."


Advertising at it's finest~

Being a t-shirt lover, I have to say this advertising is simply amazing! I mean I would totally slash already bought this shirt just because of it.

"Very Nice Moustache" is a statement of appreciation for all those who have taken the time to sculpt their face rugs into fantastic shapes and sizes! Moustaches can only be descried as "Face Art" are subject of great admiration and jealousy, often creating lustful attraction of the opposite sex. A moustache is commonly shown as a sign of manliness.Wear this t-shirt and show your respect for those who have taken the time to share this great phenomenon of Face Art with you. Buy yours here

Shout out to all the men who have mastered this fine art, and the ones that are barely getting on board with the trend. Gotta love a good moustache right?! Oh & a big shout out to my home slice Spencer for getting it right!



13thWitness Films: 2011 Reel

If you have no clue the work of 13thWitness , then here you go! Hands down he is one of the illest behind the lense. Tell's such an evoking story with each screen shot, still, and film.

"Sometimes wish I'd had some proper schooling...but the world around me has taught me to shoot. It's all one giant experiment." ~ 13thWitness

BOOOoooooooooom!!! Click play and enjoy this ish.

13thWitness Films : 2011 Reel from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.


Just FYI new GrittyVelvet stickers are coming! Keep a lookout! For those that want more gold hit me up.


Nas and John Legend, could it get more ridiculous?

"I'm going to make history, just so we can claim victory"

Check all the past Nas joints while perusing the blog!

Seishin-teki kyōyō


Illustrator of the day~

Dudes-Factory-x-DXTR-One-Wish-Collection-2011 are pretty effin amazing!

SJ & The Dap Kings to light your soul on fire today~

Hello Spring, I see you~

It sure has been a long winter here in Denver; however I wouldn't have it any other way. I see Spring peaking her beautiful light around the corner, this makes me excited for what lies ahead. With Spring comes new life, a new time to start over...change. We all must change or become stagnant where we stand. It is a vital complexity of self, self discovery, self loving, self healing, self transforming...blossoming. In order to blossom we all need to be aware of what Spring offers us to grow. This means letting go of the Winter, letting go of what is spring forth into new growth. Heal - Let Go - Love - Light - are all components for new life, and I hope you share all of them with every person along the way. For when we shine our light on the world, the world will protect us...and nurture us.

Stay fresh like Spring~

Love GV~