Poem of the day ~

Express yourself
Life is a little more than hectic
not mythical,
no, not at all
and not worth recounting
but in the moment it is
unsurpassed by any
iambic tale
no matter how rich
the prose
no matter how
escapist and romantic
a diversion of delusion it is
it is quickly fleeting
from one moment to the next
one minute
it is stagnant
the other
it's, mercurial
it is, confusing
some things, we have
all figured out
ten years
in advance
weeks ahead
our eyes
betrayed our vision
showed us things
that were not there
or were
but like passersby
we chose to turn an eye, blind
to make mute our tongues,
to our indiscretions
to not voice our complaints,
but like scabs, pick at them
til they bleed
Nadia Cy - NY, NY

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