Sheila E...The OG Triple Threat

I remember the first time I heard Sheila E., it was 1985 @ The Quigg Newton Community Center, North Side of Denver, I was like 6 or so. It was my sister's baby shower, and I was going to be an auntie, so I was super excited! Plus my brother (16 at the time) and his breaking crew The Vandals were performing, with me as the side act. I wasn't too good at the time, but I just loved that feeling of my family cheering me on. Anyway, after a couple of break sets, my sisters friend Georgette threw on Sheila E., "Love Bizarre", which was featured on one of the freshest movies Krush Groove. I was blown away, I mean her voice and the beats were super fly. I would rewind her videos over and over, although very young at the time I knew a power house when I seen one. Aside from her amazing style, Sheila E. was a triple threat, she played the drums, sung and acted, plus a female ooohweee. Many years later, Sheila E. is still doing big things, most recently performing at the White House during Fiesta Latina, an annual event hosted by Barack Obama. For more info on Sheila E. check here Sheila E. Website

Check out how young Rev Run and Russell looked in this video, plus cameos by The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow & Jam Master Jay.

Hahah I still find myself doing dance moves like this on a daily.

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