Soul Train Tuesday ~

So each Tuesday beginning today Gritty Velvet will showcase some of Soul Trains finest musical acts. Soul Train was created by Chicago DJ Don Cornelius who also Co-Produced the show. Did you know that Soul Train was the "Longest-running, nationally syndicated program in television history," from 1971-2006? It was so different & funkier than anything that was on the airwaves at that time.

I absolutely love watching all the re-runs, especially when the "Soul-Train line" started; remember seeing MC Hammer, Rosie Perez, The Fresh Prince & Carmen Electra getting up there shaking their groove thing? So much fun, so stick around & join me back here next Tuesday to reminisce.

I chose the SOS band first simply because they rocked the party...they still do. If you are a newbie to SOS, I suggest starting with the self titled album SOS & then copping the1983 album "On The Rise", which has some instant classics (me and my oxymorons), like "Tell me if you still care" & "Just be good to me".

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