The Gardner Heist...I blame the leprechauns!

It will be twenty years ago tomorrow since the biggest art heist in US history was pulled off " The Gardner Heist."  Well over $500 million in art was easily stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and to this day not one of the Rembrandt', Vermeer', or Degas have turned up.

Some say the paintings were sent over seas via James 'Whitey' Bulgar, the Irish-American Mobster (whom Jack Nicholsons character from the Departed is loosely based). Others believe the Irish Limerick Criminals are using the paintings as trade/security in exchange for weapons and drugs. The perfect crime eh? I have a feeling one day the paintings will wash up...maybe at the end of a rainbow, or perhaps in the hands of  a mischievous leprechaun, it can happen right?

Just a few of the missing pieces, there are rumors that a movie is under way, I love a good Heist movie.

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