Jasmine Solano Interview...Brooklyn's Finest!

It is with honor that I bring to you Gritty Velvet's first interview with Brooklyn' finest Jasmine Solano. Jasmine is a DJ, Rapper (writes her own lyrics), MC, Host on, and Producer, this lady has worked really hard to get where she is and stays grounded through it all.

Just to break down a little of Jasmine's background, well it goes a little something like this:

• Jasmine has opened for Rock The Bells NYC with artists Nas, Damian Marley, The Roots, and Common to name a few.
• She has opened Myspace music shows for Ghostface, the one and only Rakim, The Clipse, and Sean Kingston.
• Produced a # of Indie videos with Downtown's Sweetheart Va$htie ( I wasn't playing when I said she works really hard. Most currently Jasmine is on the Wiz Khalifa tour with U-God of Wu-Tang & has just departed the Mile Hi City, but she will return and I'll tell you why; Denver has nothing but love for her and in fact she has fam here, that's right read on for more details.

1.) GV -  Who is your earliest female icon or just someone you looked at and said yeah I can do that?

JS - I grew up an 80's baby so in terms of female icons, Salt N Pepa had a lot to do with my love for hip hop from an early age. I performed "Shoop" at my 4th grade talent show and "Very Necessary" was my favorite album when I was 8, 9 years old. To me female MCs were always normal.

2.) GV-  How did you come about mixing and MC’ing in Denver?

JS - When I first ventured to Denver, I was there to produce a video for Shoe Shine 2007. I met Lily (, Musa ( DJ Musa ) and Anthony Hull (VJ, and instantly they became family. Since then, they have brought me back to DJ, Perform and become a part of the scene which I love.

3.) GV - What brings you back to Denver?

JS - The people and the mountains. :)

4.) GV- What was the highlight of opening for Rock the Bells?

JS - Being the only female MC. It's unfortunate that I was the only one - but when that's the case, I'm proud to carry the weight and represent to the fullest.

5.) GV - You are currently working on a new single “That’s not it”, directed by Va$htie…when will we be able to see this? What is the vibe or inspiration behind this song?

JS - The video for "That's Not It" which was directed by Va$htie ( will premier on Myspace Music soon! The song itself is very sarcastic and funny. It's a reflection of my experiences with men that have approached me in the most hilarious ways. Specifically when I'm expected to be attracted to material objects & pick up lines. It's my comical explanation of such a situation ;)

6.) GV - For young viewers of Gritty Velvet such as my daughter Gia (and in particular young ladies); what are some words of advice or encouragement you would like to express?

JS - Be true to who you are. Be respectful to every single person you meet. Nothing is impossible.

I would personally like to thank lovely Lily ( Firelily Concepts ) for introducing me to the humble and talented Ms. Jasmine Solano; if you don't know Lily believe me you should, she makes things happen, and tells me like it is. I am very proud of this interview and inspired by such talent.

Thank you again Jasmine and Denver misses you already, come back soon, please and thank you.
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