Thought Provoker Thursday~

Last night I was at a local Barrio Youth Slam which left me a little unsettled and uplifted at the same time. For this I need to speak on something that really irks me. Women, women that have children and allow their children to be subjected to verbal, mental and physical abuse. This young man (we'll call him Adrian) no older than 15 was up there free styling his poem, speaking of his Mama getting beat down by her boyfriend. Adrian was in tears, big crocodile tears. This was really hard for him, but very liberating all the same. Now I can empathize with Adrian, although the abuse for me was not physical but verbal it still cuts deep. My now deceased Step-Father would always use derogatory words that really made me feel ugly inside/out. It was only until he took his own life that I felt I had to let go of my animosity and forgive him. I really don't think my Mama knew then just how deep it was.

Adrian has hope though, through youth activities like the Barrio Youth Slam at Su Teatro and community involvement. He doesn't know this, but he is my inspiration. I really want to ask every single person out there (especially women) to just be AWARE of how your children are being treated. If some one can not love and respect your foundation, get out...please. Children are precious and beautiful, they are our future. When I die I do not give a damn what material objects I am left with, what position I held, how big my house was...the most important accomplishment I want to hold is raising a loving and caring child.

My daughter Gianna (10 yrs old), was the youngest among this crowd of High School kids last night at the Barrio Youth Slam and when she went up to the open mic...oh man she made me so proud. This is my reward, she is my reward for a life well lived. Children if you read this and need some one, email me. I mean it!

Speak your your mind.


  1. you are a beautiful person g and a wonderful mother.

  2. Awe bunz thank you from the bottom of my little big heart! You are a beautiful and funny dollface sugar loaf!