In Memory of the Angels gone too soon~

Before reading this, I must relay to you if you have a weak stomach or do not like gritty images please do not proceed. ~Respect
I can not imagine the pain of losing a child, but sometimes you have to put yourself in someones shoes to empathize the tragedy and depth of what they have experienced. Just recently a wonderful woman I know lost her baby girl at birth. My heart goes out to her and her family, I pray that they can find comfort and peace soon.

For this reason I must share my admiration of Frida Kahlo for being so expressive and sharing with the world her suffering and pain through her art. It brings to light that which I believe is a necessary component of daily strengthening, which is...healing. This does not mean covering up wounds and moving on, this means soul searching and looking deeply into ones self and finding solace through peace. This may take a lifetime I know, but so long as you continue to love and allow love into your own realm, you will have a blessed journey getting there. The love you give is the love you receive.

What the water gave me 
The water opened
into the vortex of my daughters face
her skin was a rippled mirror
she was wearing the bath around her
like a dress of glistening scales
she was my fish-flower
I floated on her tongue
like the words 'Mama'
Pascale Petit in remembrance of Frida~

What the water gave me - Frida - 1938       
This is a collaborative of many of her paintings~                                                 
The Flying Bed - Frida - 1932 
This painting came after the realization that Frida was not able to carry a baby full term, due to her tragic accident.

Beautiful footage of the life of Frida~