Postales by Federico Aubele

This song just makes me feel good, just a little love story.

Cuando estas,
El tiempo queda.
Y las luces brillan mas allá.
El sabor de mil besos,
Que aun me hacen reír y hablar,
Nada mas nada queda,
Solamente tu risa en el Bar,
Postales, que se suceden sin cesar
Tu aroma, Dulce melodía,
Aun tiene un lugar,
Del recuerdo que es donde todo,
Sucede, otra vez,
Nada mas nada queda

When you’re here,
Time stops.
And the lights shine further out.
The taste of a thousand kisses,
That even now make me laugh and talk,
Nothing else, nothing remains,
Only your laugh in the Bar,
Post cards, that follow on without stopping
Your aroma, sweet melody,
Even still has a place,
In the memory which is where it all,
Happens, once again,
Nothing else, nothing remains.

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