Soul Train Tuesday~ I know it's been a minute

Yes I know it has been a week or two since I last posted, but life threw some unexpected curve balls at me. Life is so precious sounds so evident but it is so true, I had to take some time to just breathe it all in. Well with out further due, here is "Soul Train Tuesday"! This may be one of the last "Soul Train Tuesday" being that I have almost exhausted all of the old school ST videos, but I most definitely will be replacing it with something real smooth like, hah. So enjoy one of my favorite classics "Distant Lover" by one of the greatest, Marvin Gaye.

Special shout out to everyone that kept my family in their prayers they worked, I am grateful forever!


  1. Love you extra hard! And mama and papa F and lowercase! Missed your words! ex oh!

  2. Love you too boo! Thx for the prayers and support, y todo.