Get Your Mind Right Monday~

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and are ready for a great new week filled with endless possibilities! Take a few more risks this week, start a new project with yourself or fam, pick up a new/used book. If your having issues that need to be addressed, take a look at yourself and be patient. More times than not it is probably you that could use a little change. Maybe a change of scenery, or just some solidarity.

Take some "Me" time and just chill out. Refocus on your inner self, your positive energy, reclaim your spirit. I know this sounds a little out there, but believe me only when you are at peace within can you be at peace without. Tshhhh and I know from first hand experience.

"When written in chinese the word crisis is composed to two characters; one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity." - John F. Kennedy. The way I interpret this is you will always have adversity/danger, but be ready for it, don't let it harp bitterness or ignorance upon you, use it as a learning tool to bring about change, and seize opportunity.

Peace & Light ~ GV

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