Brave Souls~

I was first introduced to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola~Estes at my cherished friend Erin's baby shower. It was so amazing to be a part of that day. Dr. CPE did a little poetry and some old school not heard of these days story telling. It was then I was given her 2 part series on tape called "Women Who Run With Wolves". Whooo this tape lifted my soul, and made me believe myself. I recommend all who are in search of a little soul seeking and healing to introduce yourself to the world of Dr. CPE. I still refer back to her tapes, yes tapes...often.

"Much of the most treasured learning of our lives may not be gotten in the most beautiful halls, but rather in the mean streets where we learn for certain that we have a choice in this life, every day, to step outside our sufferings either because we see... or for moments we are meant to be... angels to each other.

May you ever have and be both, and daily.
May it be so for thee
May it be so for me
May it be so for all of us."

(Excerpt from La Mystica, Book of Prayer by Dr. CPE)

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