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As you may have noticed lately I have posted a lot of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola~Estes excerpts! I really, really admire her beautiful delivery of words. She has an positive energy that I find contagious so I hope that I can spread a little of the light that she dims upon me to you!

Adequacy: Is adequacy dependent on your say-so, or someone else's say so over your life?

Some say there are only two things we crave: to be found adequate by others and belonging.

Others say, we crave shelter, food, social interactions the most.

Yet others say we have a drive to power, and a drive to knock everyone down and kick a$$ to be king of the dirt pile, queen of the dung heap.

Even yet others say we are hardwired to be war-like, and in a constant rage for not having enough of whatever enough is, that we are secretly jealous of everyone, and can hardly stand beauty or truth.

Others say we are neurotic as hell and self-absorbed and care about no one but ourselves, and are a race of whiners and blamers.

Others say we are the slime of the slime, the jerks of jerkhood, the most disgusting and puny and weak and stupid of any animal that ever lived...

and then there are the great ones who have walked this earth, who say no such things, not in any way...

who never describe human beings with such opprobrium or distaste, but rather hold the human as noble, chipped and dented perhaps, but noble at true heart

The great ones across the world left us many enduring set of truths they gradually learned from their own las luchas, their own struggles ... wherein they finally learned to stop struggling for the world and its lesser values such as adequacy and various successes by cultural standards, and struggled for the priceless soul and its values to become visible in the world instead...

In this way we are assured we are present and adequate and more than adequate: radiant! Not by our say-so, not by others' say so, but because... well, let me put it this way...

There was once a Prince who lived 2500 years ago, and he too asked 'Am I enough? Am I doing enough? Am I real? Have I made my mark?' And he was a Prince who had and was given everything. People bowed before him. He had everything, and still he asked and asked if he were adequate...

until one day, he realized that he was climbing the ladder ... but the ladder was placed against the wrong building.

And that's when the Prince turned away, took the ladder away from the wall, laid it down, it is said by some, used the ladder as frames to plant flowers and vegetables in.

And in that sudden turning, that realization, the Prince told the story of how we can interfere with our adequacy, our nobility, in only two ways, and they are these:

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

And thus the Prince defined adequacy not parsed by culture or ego, but by the soul.

The Prince's name was Gautama Siddharta. He lived 500 years before another teacher came, El Cristo. Their messages were from the same root stock, as are other prophets and teachers: You are enough. From the soul's eyes, you are the treasure ...and that is knowledge from the world you come from, and that is knowledge from the world you live most richly in, always.

It's not a search for 'being ok/ or for being found adequate or becoming a something or other'... it's a search for adequate and more than adequate meaning, from the soul's point of view.

And most of us feel the pull to this journey with soul, in night dreams, and more and more as we grow older.

While some might seek to know their callings decade after decade, as many grow more astute and grow more soul over time, they hear calling in a different way...

now they hear their names being called, and they rise and follow what is invisible, divine, and palpably felt.

Just so. And just right.

With love,

Dr. C P~E

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