You are your own worst enemy~

"So who is your biggest enemy some wise man (Pop's) asked me?" I said I don't know oh so and so. He said "You are your biggest enemy baby". Then he went on into the Father Daughter spill that I always listened to, but honestly I didn't always absorb back then. I mean here I was this 19 year old girl who knew everything right? Wrong...big time wrong. 19 was the funnest year of my life, but also the most eye opening year of my life. I was hard around the edges, didn't care about worrying my parents, got into fights, got beat up too (only once though).  I was trying to find myself...shoot who am I kidding I am still trying to find myself.

Reality is we all are a work in progress, nobody is exempt from the struggles of life. It's a hard thing though to come to terms with who we are in that struggle; we live in a society where we are taught to camouflage our regret's therefore this disables our saving grace mechanism and we just beat ourselves up. It is time to let go of that, get out of the boxes, make peace with yourself. Be true to you, the truth will set you free.

This is a long life process, but who and what are you afraid of? You are your own worst enemy, and your own best friend. I love me, I love the person I am becoming. I am a woman who is in control of my own destiny. I make mistakes, but who doesn't? The beauty of my life right now is that if I mess up, I can hold myself accountable and I am ok with that; I apologize when I am wrong or if I feel I have hurt someone. I try to do everything I do out of love, and that has made all the difference in my world today.

I wish everyone nothing but yourself first. I will just leave you with some fresh words from one of the greatest female lyricists of our time:

"Truth is from the inside out. You know, and the way we’ve been trying to heal and be healed is with these topical, surface, superficial, temporary solution. And I’m telling you, true healing is from the inside out. You know, we’ve been told to protect our outer man while our inner man is dying. It’s emotional warfare. Being able to tell the people we love the most the truth about ourselves. And when they say, Hey that doesn’t fit into our box for you, we say, Well, I ain’t in no box. Don’t try to put me in one."

"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem"
Get out of the boxes,
Peace - GV

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  1. Knock 'em out the box Grit! Knock 'em out Grit!