Advertising at it's finest~

Being a t-shirt lover, I have to say this advertising is simply amazing! I mean I would totally slash already bought this shirt just because of it.

"Very Nice Moustache" is a statement of appreciation for all those who have taken the time to sculpt their face rugs into fantastic shapes and sizes! Moustaches can only be descried as "Face Art" are subject of great admiration and jealousy, often creating lustful attraction of the opposite sex. A moustache is commonly shown as a sign of manliness.Wear this t-shirt and show your respect for those who have taken the time to share this great phenomenon of Face Art with you. Buy yours here

Shout out to all the men who have mastered this fine art, and the ones that are barely getting on board with the trend. Gotta love a good moustache right?! Oh & a big shout out to my home slice Spencer for getting it right!


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