Hello Spring, I see you~

It sure has been a long winter here in Denver; however I wouldn't have it any other way. I see Spring peaking her beautiful light around the corner, this makes me excited for what lies ahead. With Spring comes new life, a new time to start over...change. We all must change or become stagnant where we stand. It is a vital complexity of self, self discovery, self loving, self healing, self transforming...blossoming. In order to blossom we all need to be aware of what Spring offers us to grow. This means letting go of the Winter, letting go of what is spring forth into new growth. Heal - Let Go - Love - Light - are all components for new life, and I hope you share all of them with every person along the way. For when we shine our light on the world, the world will protect us...and nurture us.

Stay fresh like Spring~

Love GV~

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