Julian Casablancas~ Quick Run Down

Okay so as far back as like the late 90's I have had this major crush on Julian Casablancas, the painfully handsome front man for one of the best bands ever...THE STROKES, duh! I rarely have crushes, but this man just melts my heart. So just a quick run down on why I find him so fascinating (not because he is effing famous either, met a lot of famous twerps...not so impressed accept with E.Badu, but she is a Queen).

1. He is humble...
In a 2003 interview he tells this story, the jukebox fills the room with the strains of Sam Cooke's soul-stirring A Change Is Gonna Come, and the girls gather round. All time stops for Casablancas. "When I hear A Change Is Gonna Come, it frustrates me," he says. Why? "No matter how hard I try, I can never be that good," he answers.

2. He lives in the moment...(one of my favorite ways to live hah) and can hold his own.
The lead singer of the Strokes, New York's finest purveyors of coolly detached retro-rock boogie, is blessed with the ability to talk shit. He can hold forth all night, run around in verbal circles for 15 minutes, lose his place and then start all over again. He doesn't seem to have anywhere to be. He is in the moment. He doesn't even own a cell phone, a computer or a watch. But his intentions are the noblest.

3. He is super talented...
His voice is totally different, it sounds as if he is singing with a tear in it and it works for him.

4. He believes in God, in a higer power (that is to be admired)

So now you should get it, if you don't I'm sorry you should just find out for yourself.

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