Typography ~ RIPO

RIPO  originated as a graff writer from NYC, he is now focused on large typography pieces, inspired by a variety of local signs and insignia. His work is impeccable, one of my favorite typography artists for sure.  Alarm Press did a great interview with RIPO, take some time and read it today.

Some words from Alarm Press: The work of multimedia street and studio artist RIPO thrives on contexts. With legal and illegal pieces popping up in 36 countries, Ripo’s boldly crafted images and carefully hand-lettered slogans may appear anywhere from a European gallery to the side of an abandoned building in Central America. Wherever they appear, they comment on place: the place of the artist in a community as well as the place of the viewer in a public space. Even his assumed name, Ripo, is anonymous, malleable, and open to interpretation.


10 DAYS from ripo on Vimeo.

This one is my favorite for obvious reasons! Color ~ Style ~ Gritty ~ Velvet

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