So this Friday I will be in San Fran; however if I was still in Denver this is where I'd most definitely be! My BFF slash Sister Soulmate TheGeneral will be hosting this years event again and believe me she will straight murk your the most totally amazing way! Plus where else can you find 23 of Denver's finest artists covering classic songs from artists like Nas, Outkast, KW, Janet Jackson & Prince?!?! where! So be here or just miss out on probably one of the best nights of your life! Werrrd! Ps...I LOVE YOU Bestie and will miss you dearly, WRECK SHOP AMORCITA! Pss...Shout out to Ru & Michelle for bringing the Dope-ness! Psss...Salud to all my peeps involved in the show, Desi-Lu, Suzi Q, Isis, Mane-Rok, Manizer (Dawn), FBC (Foley aka KELLY), Ralonda, Yonnas, Bravo, oh man I can be forever...just read the flyer and come out and support!

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