The Last Of A Living Breed...The Goodie Mob Marches On.

It has been 10...10 long years since the last time I saw Goodie Mob, and it was well worth the wait; they played all the good cuts too, like "Cell Therapy", "They Don't Dance No Mo", & "Soul Food". Last time was up at the Fox Theater in Boulder, I was growing a little seed at the time, and I would like to think Cee-Lo had a little something to do with how amazing my little girl now is; he rubbed my belly and it was as if he sprinkled a little blessing on her.  Yes, I know he is not an ordained minister, but the son of two preacher rents, so you know he has it in his bones, naturally. I needed last night as much as I need water everyday. The Dungeon Family is still strong despite what others may say. I don't think I danced so much in my life, it felt almost as if I had not breathed for a long time. YES Goodie Mob is this good, they are a breath of fresh air. If you don't know who they are, now is your chance to get caught up, I suggest starting with the (1995) Classic Album "Soul Food", you can thank me later.

Here is a little breakdown via Cee-Lo as to why this reunion is so needed now: "The reunion was inevitable,"said Cee-Lo. "The void in today's music and marketplace ironically has become the very place prepared for us. There's a need and a want for what we do and represent as The Mob. Consider the tour a order if you will. The last of a living breed, the Goodie Mob marches on."

Here is my personal favorite member, Big Gipp giving us a glimpse into the world of Goodie Mob. (By the sick is his coat?)

Here is a great photo of Big Gipp from last night holding a supreme piece of art made by Denver's own Dunn The Street Sign Artist aka The Signtologist. Photo courtesy of Dunn The Signtologist

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  1. What a great story, Cee-lo blessed Mini-G with the freshness for sure! I'm proud of this blog, and you. You're definitely fresh too!