Goodwill Hunting

As far back as I can remember my Dad used to say "Take really good care of your belongings, they may be really valuable one day." Well a day late and a dollar short, I finally understand the statement "Father knows best." If you haven't noticed by now, people are paying top dollar for vintage threads, thus the mass conception of chic boutiques on every artsy corner, and even more so on-line shopping forums. This should come as no surprise as these retro finds were well constructed, and had mad flavor. I must admit that I am apart of this hype; however I can not afford to drop $1,800 for an Avant-Garde YSL piece. Would you like an alternate affordable option? If so then please read on.

Set aside a Sunday, bring along your ipod/mp3 for some musical motivation, & get your *Goodwill hunting on. Goodwill aka, Segunda, Arc, DAV, Swap meet, etc. Now it may be a bit overwhelming and smell a little funky, but just remember nothing good comes easy.

Here is a helpful list of 5 Denver area thrift stores:

Clockwise from top left: 1970's Avant-Garde YSL dress, 1980's Dubliner abstract wool cape - both found at Nasty Girl Vintage. Both Menswear pieces found at Italian fashion powerhouse Ermenegildo Zegna


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