Up-Rock Sure Shot Never Stop The Body Rock!

Gimme a boom box and a beat let's take it to the street...get in the "Apache line" and move your feet! Don't forget your card board box and dirty sox (*sock) what we bout to do is better known as the "Up-Rock". Yes I just made that up...and what? PS for those that don't know it was for your hand, NYK (now ya know).

Get it Baby Love and Crazy Legs - Check the ill skip & kick-back jerks!
Oh and don't forget Mighty 4 Denver this Summer!

Awe yes can't forget the musical influence The Jimmy Castor Bunch "We just Begun".  "Up-rockin" aka "Rockin" dance form was also influenced by the dance craze "The Hustle". Enjoy!

Pioneers - Rock Steady Crew -

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