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Jason Holley pushes the envelope with his illustrations. He takes surrealism to a whole new level. I find his work to be liberating and inspirational. Click here if you would like to view more of his work, Jason Holley Artwork
Depiction of "Almost Famous" Director Cameron Crowe at age 14 waking from an ethereal dream. This is untitled~.

This is one of those pictures that tells it like it is...or rather how you perceive it to be. The illustration was featured in Rolling Stone magazine in 2005 and titled "The Untold Mystery of The Notorious B.I.G."

This picture immediately brings to mind one song: "The Mystery of Iniquity" by Lauryn Hill. Read this verse and you soon may relate: "Y'all can't handle the truth in a court room of lies, perjures the jurors, witness despised, crooked lawyers, false indictments publicized; It's entertainment the arraignments, the subpoenas, high profile gladiators in blood thirsty arenas, enter the dragon black-robe crooked-balance, souls bought and sold and paroled for thirty talents."

This pic is titled "One year after Katrina" and was published in The New Republic magazine. Jason Holley best describes this picture as such, "As the water receded, the scope of the tragedy was revealed and it was sickening to see that the flood had actually shielded the real damage. As the government, media and public-at-large turned it's attention to other matters, the water line seemed like a perfect metaphor to describe a city that was still very much in the midst of a disaster."

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