Just Another Funny Monday~

I recently read a great Rolling Stone article on Mr. Tracy Morgan: stand up comedian, past Saturday Night Live cast member and current cast member on 30 Rock. A few years ago me and The Generals Booty met Tracy and I have to admit I wasn't left with a good impression of him, considering he and a lady friend chose to sit at our table uninvited, plus help themselves to our bottle, and spoke of impregnating and fertilization verbiage.

However, after reading the article I kind of understand a softer side of Mr. Morgan; even found myself relating to a few issues he endured. This man has definitely experienced the three L's - Loved, Lost and Learned; but has triumphed and made a little peace within himself. I commend him now, and if I were ever to see him again, I definitely think we would have a lot of funny ish to dish out. ~ GV

Check this funny clip out of Tracy Morgan with fellow funny man Jimmy Kimmel, so appropriately named: IMPREGN8ED!!! Hilarious!!!

Tracy Morgan and GV~


  1. Hes soooooo effin funny. I totally heart him. Totes McGoats. And Im sooo jealous you guys met him!

  2. Wow! Who'd of thunk it? TM and GV. Funny story about him too.

  3. Tracy Morgan is as good as dead!