Soul Train Tuesday~

Have to give respect where due to the Master Pioneer Mr. Kurtis Blow, who at the tender age of 20 was the first rapper to be signed to a major record label Mercury almost 31 years ago. Kurtis Blow created hits for Run DMC and the Fat Boys. Nas did a cover of Blow' "If I ruled the World", which even topped the charts at #1 in 1997 on Billboard Hits.

Blow has been referenced by many artists including, 2Pac in his song "Old School", The Tom Tom Club with "Steppin to the rhythm of a Kurtis Blow, who needs to think when your feet just go", and was also an inspiration to Biggie, thus the singing along to his song "The Breaks" with his little sis in the movie Notorious. Bob Dylan one of my personal faves also mentions Blow as the one who hyped him to the whole hip hop culture.

On Soul Train doing his thing!

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