Brave Souls: Via Dr. CPE

Without the wild, we die.
Without us, the wild dies...

So, let us push on now,
...and remember ourselves back
to the wild soul.

Let us sing her flesh back onto our bones.
Shed any false coats we have been given.
Don the true coat of powerful instinct and knowing.
Infiltrate the psychic lands that once belonged to us.
Unfurl the bandages, ready the medicine.

Let us return now, wild women howling, laughing, singing up The One who loves us so.

For us the issue is simple.
Without us, Wild Woman dies.
Without Wild Woman, we die.

Para Vida, for true life,
both must live."

from "Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype," by Dr. CP Est├ęs

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