Throwback Thursday 60's Steelo~

The Supremes were super legit! I loved their sweet bee hives and sassy style. There definitely isn't any girl bands/groups today that can add up to the Supremes amazingness. Although I will give some props to Amy Winehouse for emulating the style with great ease. I know I know Amy is all messed up but she has more talent in one pinky than a lot of aspiring female singers these days. I really hope she gets clean and back on the scene.

I'm pretty sure my Mom perfected the infamous do + frosty lips and cat eyes FTW!

East Denver - 1968 Graduate - Annunciation High School


  1. Your mom rocked the fuck out the cat eye! She was a momshell then and she's a momshell now! Glad we've been blessed with women like our mamas to show us whats good. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without BOTH our mamas!
    love times infinty for Patty!

  2. PS. fuckin A, she looks just like Erica in this picture! Or Erica looks like her here. Either way. Spitting image!