Feliz Cumpleanos Angelita!

Happy Birthday my Kelly Kel (Aka Angel cakes, aka The General, too many to name.)

Time goes by so fast it seems like just yesterday mini and lowercase were just stars in the sky and we were running a muck. Back before pagers existed and our biggest worry was trying to trick our rents to let us go to Elitch's alone. We both will never forget the 1st day of high school, oh man the Wonder Years hahah. Remember how we used to play the ish out of Nirvana. Then cruisin' to Marilyn Manson and Lil Kim, so random. Well my friend the days of IOU's, double tube socks, furry Kangols, RR Crew, and Maybelline eye/lip liner are long gone but we always have the memories and will make even better ones. So today I bring to you a little trip down memory lane. I love you, mini, and the whole familia with every bone in my body and I always got know this.


  1. I love G! You're my fucking ride or die! You got me cryin like a baby over here! I'm so blessed to have you in my life for all these years! Friendships like ours are so hard to come by these days. You've pulled me thru the darkest days, and never let me fall. I know there are more of those days in the year ahead, but I'm ready to take those motherfuckers guns blazin, cause I know your ass is right behind me! You are without a doubt THE FUCKING BEST!

  2. Don't cry, dry yo eye...I love you boo! Por vida!